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Nairobi - Kenya

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Welcome to Acculynk Systems water and treatment.

At Acculynk water treatment we pride ourselves in wanting the best health and clean water for our clients. We ensure that your family's health comes first, environmental conservation is exercised, saving time on your part and cutting cost.
We are a private corporation leading in water and waste-water treatment services from drilling, mining,installation, replacement of water treatment equipment, pipelines, boreholes e.t.c in villages, counties, municipalities and dry lands. Through our mobile rental fleet and capital sale program, Acculynk addresses some of the most mission critical process and industrial water treatment, set-up, drilling.


Through quality control, we ensure that the set standards are followed to the latter as stipulated by ISO and WHO . This is in consideration of health and quality of water you consume irrespective of quantity. Therefore every stage and testing has to be approved and certified.
Our team follows the following test, monitoring stages to ensure great quality;

  • Water sampling.
  • Testing procedures.
  • Technical specification.
  • Investigative analysis.
  • Water treatment methods.
  • Design and deployment.

Our renowned zeal in ensuring sanitisation in water treatment processes is pretty eminent in the various works we've done and are working on. Whether industrial or home treatment needs, we're here for you and we do this with environmental conservacy in mind.
Acculynk prioritises establishing long-term relationships and partnerships with the companies we represent and our clients thus ensuring efficiency, quality service delivery and satisfaction. We are one of the country's leading installers, drillers, suppliers and distributors in the water treatment and purification sector.

Market research enables our team of professionals to be acquainted with the tools and knowledge to be able to serve you well. Some of the factors we consider in our market reaserch strategies are;

  • Product Pricing.
  • Competitors Product.
  • Product Feedback.
  • Market Reputation.
  • Technological trends.
  • Market Demands.
  • Company Feedback.

We supply water filtration and conservation equipment & / spare parts, supply & install Solar Batteries
We offer wide a range of pre and post filter systems and accessories.
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